Paperstage for Mac OSX

Paperstage puts multiple well-known inspirational websites in one interface, lets you browse designs with ease and collect your favorites efficiently. It's badass.

Currently in private beta.

Browse through CSS Galleries

Paperstage lets you browse through popular CSS Galleries (currently: CSSMania, Awwwards, One Page Love, CSS Design Awards, CSS Awards, Siiimple) in style. Say goodbye to all those open tabs.

Organize your favorites

Forget flipping through endless lists of titles you don't remember. Paperstage uses your visual memory. It generates a full page screenshot for every website you save and let's you add tags to organize them.

Full page screenshot export

Simply export full page screenshots and use them to add annotations or share a design. Easy as that.

Add websites from browser

With the convenient status bar menu ( Icon: Status Bar Menu ), you can easily add new sites while surfing the web.

Share your favorites

You can export favorites, share them with your mates and import theirs. The export files even have a preview image in Finder. Great for working in teams.

Currently in private beta

Paperstage has been in the works for a couple of months now and we're curious to hear what you think of it. The purpose of the beta is to gather feedback and explore new features (and find horrible bugs, of course). The final version will be a paid app.

We'll add more people to the beta through our mailing list. So, sign up if you want to try Paperstage early!